American Pie Live Rosin

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American Pie Live Rosin begins with a pleasant cerebral high that’ll have you feeling completely uplifted while still relaxed and at ease with the world around you. As the high continues, a slightly buzzy body high will spread from limb to limb, easing away any aches or pains without weighing you down.

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Live Rosin is a completely solventless hash oil made with full melt bubble hash. Made with freshly frozen trichome and terpene rich cannabis plants, this concentrate is highly sought after as it allows you to experience the purest flavours from some of the finest cannabis the market has to offer. 

American Pie is a slightly sativa-dominant strain created by crossing Power Plant and White Widow.

Taste: AP has a sweet citrus flavour accented by subtly spicy grass and a hint of rich pine.

High: The American Pie high starts with a pleasant cerebral onset that hits you almost immediately after toking, leaving you feeling uplifted and happy yet relaxed and at ease. As the high continues, a slightly buzzy body high will ebb throughout your limbs, easing away any aches or pains without weighing your body or mind down.

Used for: Mood boost, happiness, chronic pain, migraines, chronic stress or anxiety, and irritability.

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm


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