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  • AAA Grade

    AAA Shake (1 Lbs)

    $ 200.00

    Our Ganja Express AAA Trim shake is great for many uses. A lot of consumers use trim as a method to make inexpensive oils, kief, found on Ganja Express, and concentrates.

    Ganja Express offers a wide range of delicious fresh drop pick to choose from.

  • Flowers

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    $ 22.75$ 141.05

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck (also referred to as ATF, or Matanuska Tundra) is a legendary CBD Oil Canada sativa marijuana strain originating in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska. According to the legend, this CBD Oil Canada strain was originally a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis, but sometime in the late 70s it was crossed with Afghani genetics to make it heartier. Alaskan Thunder Fuck from CBD Oil Canada usually presents large, beautifully frosted buds with incredibly strong odors of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk.  This CBD Oil Canada product is known for possessing a relaxing yet intensely euphoric high, it is also described as having a “creeper” effect as well as pronounced appetite enhancement.

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    Durban Poison

    $ 22.75$ 141.05

    A landrace sativa originating from South Africa, the Durban Poison, named after South Africa’s second-largest city has become a favorite worldwide because of its high resin content with an average 15% THC level that can go as high as 26%. This sweet-smelling 100% sativa is famous for its earthy and piney flavours with orange and lemon citrusy aftertaste and energizing and uplifting effects. It’s also commonly used to treat nausea, loss of appetite, depression, and chronic pain. It also helps in managing ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraine, and stress. Combat fatigue, boost your mood and energy, spark your creativity and sociability with the Durban Poison. West Coast Supply is the premium purveyor of high-quality, pure, and unaltered Durban Poison, handled by experts and shipped directly to your doorstep.   Flavors: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Sweet Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Stress Potency: 24% THC Content

  • AAA Grade

    Gas Monkey (AAA)

    $ 86.45$ 345.80

    Whos Ready to get revved up! This Gas Moneky is a heavy hitting Indica dominant hybrid created by mixing the classic “Grease Monkey” and the ever powerful “Gas” Strain to bring you a new level of potency and pungency. The heavy effects of this strain are on set like hitting the pedal to the floor and that front end lifting as high as your mindset, Just like hearing the engine roar down the street your worries will be drowned out and you’ll be riding on cloud 9 in over drive as the couch lock effects kick in. Flavors: Diesel, Lemon, Pine, Skunky, Sour Effects: Relaxing, Body High ,Euphoria, Sleepy, Uplifting Medical: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Stress Potency: 28% THC Content

  • Flowers

    Green Crack (GC)

    $ 22.75$ 141.05

    Don’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is part of our Budget Buds line-up and is a great daytime strain that may help consumers fight fatigue, stress, and depression.

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    $ 22.75$ 141.05

    Who says orange juice and champagne have the corner on brunch? There’s a new Mimosa in town! Mimosa is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Its parent strains are Clementine and Purple Punch. It was first bred by mysterious producers Symbiotic Genetics. With genes like these, you know the flavour fusion is fantastic! Perfect for daytime and afternoon use, Mimosa is as bubbly as her name implies. This trait is likely due to her whopping 23-27% THC concentration!

    If you’re looking for a strain that has it all – flavour, potency and effects, Mimosa is for you!

  • AAAA Grade

    Black Cherry Soda- AAAA

    $ 27.30$ 127.40

    Black Cherry Soda is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid. Named for its black cherry-like hues of deep, reddish purple along with its berry and soda pop flavours.

    Bud Size Medium
    Grade AAAA
    Lineage Unknown
    Effects Uplifted, Relaxed, Euphoric & Sleepy
    CLASSIFICATION Sativa-dominant
    Terpene Profile Earthy, Berries, Woody & Grapes