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  • AAA Grade Prerolls

    Gorilla Bomb – Sativa Hybrid (Prerolls)

    $ 3.19$ 127.40

    Gorilla Bomb Strain is a strong weed strain with a hard-hitting and super heavy high. This sativa dominant strain has an identifiable chocolate diesel flavor. It delivers a lifted energetic high that leaves users creative and focused.

    THC levels in Gorilla Bomb Strain range between 20-27%%, making it a highly effective remedy for migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Gorilla Bomb weed strain has also been shown to ease depression, stress, and mental disorders.

    This hybrid created through crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with the legendary THC Bomb. It is 60% sativa /40% indica that pack all the necessary ingredients that constitute a great medicinal strain.

    Gorilla Bomb Strain also has an incredible flavor profile. It has an identifiable chocolate diesel flavor with sour pine undertone. Its beautiful nugs produce a perfectly uplifting and relaxing high that makes the hybrid the perfect daytime and evening strain.

    We highly encourage users not to smoke too much in one sitting as Gorilla Bomb may induce some nasty side effects.  Consider starting with a small dose and gradually work your way up until you find the right dosage for you.


    This energizing and uplifting weed strain is perfect for errands and other daily activities. You may also smoke Gorilla Bomb Strain when you don’t have much to do. Note that its high can be extremely deadening, especially when you smoke past your tolerance level so watch out for that.

    Nonetheless, this hybrid is guaranteed to uplift spirit and induce a state of pure bliss. Gorilla Bomb weed strain, therefore, makes for the perfect choice for chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

    $1.50 for a high end THC. A high-THC, indica-dominant blend with lineage tracing back to BC. The buds are big, minty green.

    Note: We do not use shake in our prerolls

  • AAA Grade Prerolls

    High Octane OG – Indica (Prerolls)

    $ 3.19$ 127.40

    High Octane OG is a pure indica strain that has won an astounding number of awards. The genetics of High Octane OG are a mystery but many believe that it is closely related to OG Kush. However, some growers argue that High Octane OG is just a phenotype of OG Kush with an intense diesel-like aroma. Its relation to OG Kush is justified by the similar buds between the two. Either way, this strain is known for its pure heavy-indica effects and as well as high THC content.

    This pure indica is definitely a top-notch knockout strain that will take out even the heaviest of smokers. Smokers of this strain will report feelings of heavy relaxation throughout the body with a quick onset of laziness and sleepiness. This strain is definitely a couch-locking strain. Initially, smokers will feel a burst of energy to the head as the potent strain enters the blood. However, the head rush will start to settle down into a heavy-weighted stoned feeling that will definitely make you want to sit down or lay down. Before smoking High Octane OG, we recommend that you clear your schedule and prepare to relax and be lazy for the next few hours. After smoking, we recommend activities that do not require much from the user such as some TV time. We also suggest that you prepare some snacks as this strain will definitely ignite your hunger.

    $1.50 for a high end THC. A high-THC, indica-dominant blend with lineage tracing back to BC. These buds from are big, minty green. Also available on.

    Note: We do not use shake in our prerolls.

  • AAA Grade Prerolls

    Lava Cake #11 – Indica Hybrid (Prerolls)

    $ 3.19$ 127.40

    Lava Cake #11

    Perfect for any sweet tooth and dessert lover, this may easily be your next favourite dessert and strain–a two for one deal! As a pinnacle in the cannabis community, it’s no surprise that the expert breeders at Emerald Family Farms created such a beauty with the irresistible Lava Cake #11 strain (or simply Lava Cake for short)! A cross of the popular GSC phenotype, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the Grape Pie strains, Lava Cake #11 is a heavy hitting and ultra relaxing indica hybrid, offering a calming and euphoric high that is backed by a THC content that reaches upwards of 21%. Its uplifting and sedative nature can cater towards a variety of medical cannabis users, and with a unique flavour profile that blends chocolate, nuts, fruits and mint, this is a dessert that any sweet tooth will enjoy! Pair it with an after dinner delight, a real piece of lava cake, or simply enjoy it on its own!


    While Lava Cake #11 can be quite strong, it offers a high that can be enjoyed by all users of cannabis no matter your level of experience. It starts off as a cerebral head high that is deeply euphoric and uplifting, effects that will be quick to wash away any stress or worries! There is a slight rush of energy, though this is short lived and you’d be better off with a clear schedule as the high soon progresses into a state of peace and calmness. A deep relaxation will settle over you that can make you feel lazy, and it is commonly reported to be sedative, so would be helpful in alleviating chronic pains, including those associated with migraines and headaches, or feelings of nausea. It is not too overpowering to the extent of couchlock, but it is definitely relaxing enough to help fight insomnia and put you to a good night’s sleep when you need it! Great for the end of a long day or for when you’re feeling lazy and just want to kick back and relax, Lava Cake #11 is a treat in more ways than one!

    THC Content

    Lava Cake #11 is an indica dominant hybrid strain with about 70% indica dominance to 30% sativa. Its THC levels typically measure between 18% to 21%, and is considered quite a potent strain due to its heavy effects. Its parent, Grape Pie, a cross of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, also has a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio, with THC content around 20% to 22%. Its other parent, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (often referred to as Thin Mint Cookies, or simply Thin Mints for short) is a more balanced hybrid, and is one of the more famous and popular phenotypes of the original Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Its THC level sits at an impressive average of a staggering 24% potency, delivering a powerful high that can be recognized in its offspring.

    Appearance & Aroma

    Lava Cake nuggets are large and oversized, and might sometimes look fluffy but they are actually super dense and have piecey chunks. In colour they are a brighter olive green, with some darker, almost greyish leafing throughout, brightened by long, yellow-orange pistils and finished with a layer of glistening trichomes. Depending on the growth cycle, some batches may also contain deep purple hues. Its aromatic profile is truly rich and refreshing: notes of fruity berries, particularly grapes, nuts, and earthy pine, accented by undertones of mint and herbs. Its flavours, however, are much more decadent, containing a delectable mixture of chocolate and minty fruits, a unique blend of flavours that are so sweet, they are reminiscent of a sugary dough and will leave you wanting more and more!

    $1.50 for a high end THC. A high-THC, indica-dominant blend with lineage tracing back to BC. The buds are big, minty green

    Note: We do not use shake in our prerolls.

  • AAAA Grade Prerolls

    Lebanese Hash – Hash Joint (Prerolls)

    $ 4.55$ 45.50

    Balanced Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

    THC 25-32%   

    Lebanese Hash, also known as the Capulator’s Cut or Miracle Alien Cookies X1, is an evenly balanced hybrid created as a backcross of the infamous Lebanese strain. Growers of this extremely rare strain have been carefully selected by its founder in order to protect the quality of this flower. The Mac 1 strain is potent, and one novice cannabis user should enjoy it lightly – as the effects of this strain build on themselves the more the user smokes. Lebanese Hash harbors a classic sour diesel aroma, which is overtaken by spicy herbal notes once the buds have been cracked. The high first takes possession of the mind, providing a rush of euphoria that fills the mind with positivity and pure bliss. A calming wave will pass across the entire body – which gently eases negative thoughts and replaces them with happiness and a strong creative drive. Both the mind and the body come together – allowing the body to relax and weigh the user down, while the mind continues to soar. Lebanese Hash has been used to treat various conditions including those suffering from chronic pain, mood swings, depression, chronic stress, and/or chronic fatigue.

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  • Moon Rock Canada

    Moon Rock Canada – Star Tubes Pre rolls

    $ 25.00

    Our Buy weed online Moonrock Prerolls consist of Nuken flower, C02 honey oil, and high grade kief. Packaged in a glass tube with cork these pre rolls will not disappoint! Testing around 55-60% THC, weighted at 1.2 grams.

  • AAAA Grade Prerolls

    Pink Panties – Balanced Hybrid (Prerolls)

    $ 4.55$ 182.00

    Pink Panties

    No need to get your panties all in a twist because we’re about to get scandalous! This enticing strain is a cross of two kush strains: Burmese Kush and Florida Kush! It is a super potent indica hybrid and is a favourite of many. It was originally created by the Cookie Fam based in San Francisco. Named for its pretty pink colouring which happens to be quite fitting for its teasing effects. Why? It is widely known to be an arousing strain! A little extra treat for the bedroom if you know what we mean! Its THC levels reach up to 24% potency, and has a tasty flavour profile that blends a pungent sourness with sweet citrus and berries!


    Be prepared to be seduced by these little Pink Panties! This strain offers a relaxing, sedative high, though it starts off as a slow creeper. Initial effects include a heaviness throughout your body, from your eyelids to your limbs. This can easily lead to couch lock so it would be best to use indoors on evenings or weekends. With its sedative effects, it may provide relief from short lived or chronic pains and aches. It also offers uplifting cerebral effects to accompany this heavy body high, which caters well to alleviating anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD. With higher doses, it can also counter insomnia as it induces sleepiness. Despite its heavily relaxing nature, it is widely recognized as an arousing strain so could also be used as an aphrodisiac! Excellent for personal use and sharing with that special other!

    THC Content

    The Pink Panties strain is an indica dominant hybrid. It has a ratio of 70% indica to 30% sativa, and it is known to be highly potent with THC levels averaging between 21% and 24%! This strain was originally created by the Cookies Fam. They might sound familiar as this breeding group also claims the creation of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies! The parental lineage of Pink Panties derives from two kush landraces. One is the Burmese Kush but it is sometimes referred to as Burmese Weed or Buku. There are a couple different variations of this strain but the most popular phenotype crosses OG Kush with the original Burmese landrace. Its other parent, Florida Kush, like its descendant, is also an indica dominant hybrid.

  • AAAA Grade Prerolls

    Platinum Huckleberry Cookies – Hybrid Indica (Prerolls)

    $ 4.55$ 182.00

    Platinum Huckleberry Cookies

    When you spot “platinum” or “cookies” in a strain’s name, you just know it’s going to be good. A member of the worldwide famous Girl Scout Cookies family and a perfect example of premium craft cannabis deserving of its place in our Top Shelf Collection, the Platinum Huckleberry Cookies strain is a potent indica hybrid. It was originally created and bred by Dynasty Seeds by crossing (you guessed it) Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and the Oregon Huckleberry. This particular phenotype was sourced locally in British Columbia, and packs a powerful punch backed by THC levels reaching as high as 28% potency that will leave users feeling euphoric and sedated in a state of pure relaxation! With a mouthful of syllables, you equally get a mouthful of bursting flavours with a complex blend of sweet vanilla nuttiness, herbs and fresh mint, and sweet fruits!


    The high with Platinum Huckleberry Cookies starts off slow and is typically a creeper, so you may want to be careful with how much you are consuming as the high won’t hit you right away. When it does, you’ll be in for a bit of a surprise as it can take hold quite suddenly! The initial effects are a full bodied tingle, followed by a cerebral rush of euphoria. It can be quite sativa like and quite stimulating as your mood is elevated, and you gain a sharpened sense of focus and energy. This can be short lived, however, because as quickly as it came, you’ll just as quickly be overcome with a wave of ultimate relaxation that becomes sedative before you can even realize it! So it is best to prepare for couch lock with this strain with the TV on and snacks ready at your side. It is commonly sought after for pain relief, including pains or aches associated with arthritis, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms and nausea. Its uplifting nature may also alleviate symptoms of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, and chronic stress. Some users report light cases of the munchies, so it can also be beneficial for those with appetite loss.

    THC Content

    Platinum Huckleberry Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain, typically with 70% indica dominance to 30% sativa. Its THC content averages at a staggering 22% to 28%! Its strength can be attributed to its genetic lineage, being a descendant of the legendary OG Kush through its Platinum Girl Scout Cookies parent (a cross of the original Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison), which is a balanced hybrid that averages between 18% and 26% THC content as well as 1% CBD. Its other parent, an Oregon native, Huckleberry (also sometimes referred to as Ackleberry) is a balanced hybrid, though often found to be sativa leaning, with a THC content that averages at 15% to 24% potency.

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